ProRak 88, 61, and 48

Parts List

•Legs 4pc
•Span Braces, 2 long (back span) 2 short (sides)
•Wing nut 8pc


•Simply screw the numbered legs onto the matching numbered mounting plate attached to the underside of the workstation.
•Attach the span braces to the prepositioned brackets on the legs using the wing nuts.
•Lift your workstation onto its legs and remove the remainder of the packaging. Your ready to load your gear.

Keyboard Shelf Self-Adjustment Instructions (ProRak 88 & ProRak 61)

•You will need a Phillips screwdriver/screw gun bit  
•Remove male catches (2) located on the underside of the keyboard tray. (4 screws total)
•Remove the keyboard tray by fully extending the tray in the outward position and releasing the catch mechanism (plastic tab located in the slide)
•With the tray now removed relocate the slide mechanism into the new location on the table to the desired height. The holes are predrilled for you to the proper diameter for effective fastening power from the screws.
•Reinsert the tray until the locking mechanism catches and reinstall the male catches to the underside on the keyboard tray.

ST-36 & ST-42

Parts List:

1. Top Plate (2pc)
2. Column (2pc)
3. Bottom Plate (2pc)
4. Screws (8pc)


  • Start by removing the outer package.
  • Place the column upside down to appropriately attach the bottom plate.
  • Place two screws in the designated holes. You will need a screwdriver.
  • Once the bottom plate is attached, flip the column right side up.
  • Place two screws in the designated holes. Once again, you will need a screwdriver.
  • Once the top plate is attached, repeat the process for the second monitor stand included.
  • Load your gear.

No tools required!